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en attendant que la pluie s'arrete-Cause

Comfort & support
           Amazonian wilderness & space progress

Welcome at Lodge TAKINI4 Guesthouse
We propose you an attractive studio with a typical atmosphere , Havana vieja, garden & sunset side. No vicinity, only birds around the fountain you can watch at sitting under the umbrella: kikiwis, blue tangaras, colibris, bataras...

You will receive all informations you could sollicitate to plan your discovery of the amazonian nature or the history of our french overseas land. French Guiana is a continental territory located between South-East of Venezuela and North-East of Brazil. It's as wide as Portugal or South Carolina. It's free of natural catastrophies like earth quakes or hurricanes.
The focuses just around Kourou are the Devil's Islands, the history of one century of prisons with "the bagnes of Cayenne", rain forest life and european space transportation. 

toucan de cuvier.png

Kourou & more widely French Guiana, it's also the space museum, the green waters around the islands, the Dreyfus tower, the light tower, the church St Joseph in Iracoubo, the penitentiaries of "Cayenne", the zoo of Guiana in Tonate, the rain forest with it's permanently turning over biodiversity, survival initiation in virgin nature, pirog riding, fishing at sea, the Leatherback turtles, kite-surfing, beaches with their cognac waters, Tembé art , creole cooking…



We speak English - on parle français

To optimize the management of plannings and keep the possibilities to satisfy anybody, if necessary we cooperate with other owners offering the same standard level of rate and comfort. If effective, you will be informed

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