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the tools to built your journey of discovery of French Guiana
you fly from France or French West Indies with
Air France AF ou Air Caraïbes TX
from Brazil in Belem with Surinam Airways TX or Azul AD
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The tourism comity of French Guiana

To locate the places and organize your discovery loop, have a look on the map.
The list of the towns and the sites here after is organized from South-East (Brazil border) to North-West (Surinam border).




CAMP CISAME on the river Approuague - pirog from Régina
a unique camp in the hearth of the amazonian forest

VILLAGE DE KAWRéserve Naturelle des Marais de Kaw
an extremely rich fauna: zébus, caïmans, gymnotes, howlers monkeys, jacanas, hérons, brushes...

General inventory of the cultural patrimony - archéological reserve & ethnic patchwork 
Exhibition in the former colonial hospital JEAN MARTIAL revamped
2 avenue Léopold Héder sur la face nord de la place des Palmistes
Museum of Cultures Guyanaises 78, rue Madame Payé, 0594 31 41 72

Musée Franconie 1, avenue du Général de Gaulle - 0594 295 913 

Grand Connétable natural reserve   
Letherback turtles on the beaches in Remire with association KWATA
You can also see the leatherbacks in the western area in Awala Yalimapo
Association Kwata - 16, avenue Pasteur BP 60672 / 97335 Cayenne
0694 22 83 23 ou 0594 25 43 31 

the farmers market each Thursday at 03:00PM
the zoo of Guiana
CD 5, PK 29  97355 MACOURIA  Tél: 05 94 31 73 06


The city merits an easy & quick discovering: 

Totem rond point Schoelcher, the bell fthe ancient chapelle, the church Ste Catherine in the burg, market Fortuna Ringuet & fish market, embankment for the Devil's Islands, the avenue des Roches with majestic palmistes, la Pointe des Roches, the beaches Roches Pim-Poum Cocoteraie, the promenades around lac Bois Chaudat et Bois Diable, the move on Front de mer at l’Anse, the tourism office

promenade Montagne des Singes road of dégrad Saramaca from RN1

CHEVAL POUR TOUS to discover savannah & forest only 10Km far from Kourou through Dégrad Saramaca road
contact Sandra 0694459181 

The Devil's islands, the embankment is at 3 Km far from LT4G. Parkings starting point in vieux bourg or at Pointe des Roches. several means from which some are more friendly offering a better discovery.

1/* powered catamaran shuttle Réservation  Promaritime  0694 201 888  ou en ligne - visite Royale seule

2/* fast catamaran sailor le Tropic Alize - 28 passagers - Réservations : port. : 0694 402 020 – fixe : 0594 251 010

3/* catamaran sailor La Hulotte - 28 passagers - visite combinée Royale St Joseph - Réservations 0594 323 381 ou 0694 211 381   -  THEY SPEAK ENGLISH 

4/* catamaran sailor L'Albatros - 28 passagers - visite combinée Royale St Joseph – ordre suivant la marée – 
Réservation au 0694 263 954 ou 06 94 224 961

5/* sailorRoyal Ti Punch - visite combinée Royale St Joseph - Réservation  Promaritime  0694 201 888  ou en ligne 

the space base, you can consult this link to know next announced launches

the base is not worth visiting this day as well as the day before, day of the transfer on the launch pad. The Devil's islands are evacuated the day of shooting.

It is possible for each and everyone to attend a shooting since the tumulus of Carapa 15Km far from the Ariane5 launch pad or Vega by climbing there 1 hour before H0. Sound wiring and giant screen.

The invitations of which it is question on the web site are relating to the sites of observation about 6Km close to the launch pad.

Informations & reservations :
Tél. 0594 337 777    

the visits of the base can be combined with the museum one with a preferential rate. It's necessary to to forecast 3 hours for the visit & 2 for the museum.

départure from the museum of space on 8h00 et 13h15 from Monday to Thursday & 08:00 on Friday 

a next shape of discovery of the Guianeese nature in the perimeter of the space base, Balade au coeur des savanes du Centre Spatial Guyanais:  

the excursions to discover the french Amazonia

Hangar 7 - 38, rue Marcel Dassault ZI Pariacabo 97310 Kourou 
Tél. / Fax : 0594.22.39.87   Portable : 0694.23.74.42   
Email :





Discovery in pirog of the mouth of the river and the Ibis rouges
after Sinnamary at 15mn towards West crique Canceler baignade pique-nique 
or at 20mn Maison de la Nature crique Yiyi after Sinnamary  observation 

(better early in the morning for the silence and fauna awaking - observatories & sheltered paths)


the church St Joseph d’Iracoubo et ses fresques de Pierre Huguet


Les bagnes de St Laurent du Maroni – le camp de la Transportation

Museum of Bagne – Centre of Interprtation of Architecture & Heritage

Qualified as Town of art & history, the city of Saint-Laurent du Maroni propose you through this estalishement culturel de qualité plusieurs espaces d'exposition permanents et temporaires dédiés à l'histoire du bagne, mais aussi à l'histoire de la ville et à sa diversité culturelle.

Contact 0594 278 596 

Adventure on a wide amazonian river, le Maroni

The going up of the Maroni river, to prefer to a going down at the beginning of the dry season with lesss rain but till high waters facilitating the passage across the jumps.

AWALA YALIMAPO - La Pointe des Hattes - réserve naturelle de l'Amana

amerindian village Kali'na - second observation site in Guiana of Leatherback turtles 

Gîtes de France - Carbet d'hôtes aux Hattes
Sylvain KILINAN - 260 Avenue du 31 décembre 1988
97319 Awala Yalimapo  Tél./Fax: 05 94 34 20 60 
Handy: 06 94 26 33 27 e-mail: 

carbet Yalimale -  Awala Yalimapo 0594 27 91 08 ou 0594 27 89 50  e-mail: 

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